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This is the easiest as well as a slower way to earn free Robux. Log in to the game every day to receive a minimum amount of money and you can reach the rewards milestones once you combine everyday logins. You will earn a lot of free Robux if you log in for 11 consecutive days. Continue it until you earn the daily login on the 28th day and you will be rewarded with three times more. This trick for regular bonuses lasts until you have reached an amount of 336.

Save the World has accelerated challenges that provide extra rewards for a limited time. The missions are shown on the map with a clock symbol. Rewards are normally up to 50 free Robuxs to finish these missions based on how difficult the stages are. There are usually 3 missions each day.

Three weeks of free weekly tasks will open up every week. This usually involves locating objects throughout the world, killing obstacles, damaging buildings, and so on. Essentially, it is all you can do by just investing in the game for some time. Complete these hurdles and for your attempts, you will earn Battle Stars. You should start raising the free Battle Passes and climb up the ladder to earn free Robux. You will earn gliders, Pickaxes, etc. and also a handful of free Robux.